Your garden is your sanctuary; a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends and potentially somewhere to grow fresh food for your table. It should provide structure, colour and scent throughout the year, reflecting and complimenting your home and style, adding value and living space to your property overall.

Every commission is approached in the following key design stages:

• 1: Initial meet and site visit

This introductory meeting gives us the opportunity meet with you and to listen to your ideas for the potential area to be landscaped, providing advice and support as we inspect the space and work up an outline brief and budget together.

• 2: Design brief, plan and site survey

We crystallise your ideas adding our own expertise and skills to work them into a rough draft pencil sketch and then present them to you. Subject to your agreement of the plan, a detailed site survey takes place to ascertain soil type and gain measurements of the plot and the house, any existing planting or other structures. You will be consulted at every stage of each process to incorporate or adapt the plan to your expectations before the plan is finalised.

• 3: Construction and hard landscaping

William undertakes all work himself and employs skilled and reliable contractors if heavy landscaping is required. Once ground works commence, we may need to make unavoidable changes to the design, but you will be consulted immediately and the plan can be adapted together.

• 4: Planting schemes

In addition to the main site plan, William will draw up detailed planting plans to implement upon completion of the hard landscaping. All the plants we supply are top quality, sourced from wholesale and specialist nurseries, locally where possible. William can complete the planting for you, though some clients may wish to carry this out themselves.

• 5: Ongoing maintenance and consultancy visits

William offers an ongoing maintenance service as your garden develops and also a consultancy service which could incorporate all or any of the above stages. Please call or email to discuss how your garden ideas can be turned into reality.

A passionate approach

"Being firmly committed as I am to environmental sustainability, I always encourage the use of certain plants and flowers to help with pollination, to attract birds and insects and to work with the constant diversifications of our British weather system.

My greatest pleasure is to turn your garden visions into a bespoke reality."

William Stanley